National Teenset Review

“MONDO FUZZ:TWILIGHT OF THE IDLES is a sick document of the AUSTIN, TEXAS garage freak beat rock’n’roll scene. Not only featuring live footage of some great bands, the director ANDY RAY LEMON has edited in hilarious found footage (kinda like the classic ATOMIC CAFE) from many sources: 80’s slasher films, Austin chamber of commerce films, 50’s teenage flicks, go-go dancers and funky odes to the Wurlitzer and creates a demented take on America’s greatest art form: ROCK’N’ROLL. All the bands should be grateful for all the time and passion Mr. Lemon has poured into this project, this film has played festivals all over the world giving the teenage fuzzheads what they want. A real wild and smart treat, all in all this is one my fav music films i’ve ever seen. Fuzz is a music directly descended from the unholy marriage of BO DIDDLEY and LINK WRAY, stolen by the brits to create a multi-million dollar music business. Now that the music business lies in ruins it’s back in the hands of U.S. kids who’ve got nothing better to do, far from the east or west coast. Up first is a snarly little tune from BUG JAR favourites The STRANGE BOYS, complete with chicks with hula hoops, groovy. The buzzing NIGHT BEATS play a sexy tune with a wigged out solo right in the middle, sweet. WOVEN BONES get a decrepit interview then play a sick tune your neighbors don’t want to hear at 3 in the morning…the The Bad Lovers are great, looking like bikers but playing a tune that woulda been a big hit in 1964 in a better world than this… The Ghost Wolves play a primal blues that will never die, excellent tune. PLANET RYE CO. is a nice lil’ pop combo not afraid of a little falsetto, like all the great rock’nroll..and as i always say all roads lead to the MUMMIES ands it was a turn-on to see them kicking out the jams (plus two songs in the extras, niceee)..and wow just wow a GENE VINCENT tribute with footage that’s new to me, and just when you think it can’t get any better we get the Immortal FLAT DUO JETS, Dexter R. is WAILING on his git box..WOW. All in all this is a great flick for all the twisted kiddies to enjoy..and in the ancient words of the muse: LOUIE-LOU-EYE”